Dr Lakshmi - public speaking, New York, audience

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna Autism, Parenting and Child Health

Trained as a paediatrician, Lakshmi is passionate about child health and an advocate for children with Autism Spectrum. She has developed a program to help children’s Attention, Behaviour and Communication: Autism-ABC.  She is a popular speaker for conferences and also consults to Steiner/Waldorf schools providing teacher training and support for children and families.

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Dr Lakshmi with teacher in classroom


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Dr Lakshmi Prasanna travels internationally as a consultant and lecturer as well as delivering training courses. She is the Director and Education Consultant for Blue Sky Children’s Services, based in Australia.

Lakshmi is the Dean of Education at IRA Institution of Learning, based in Chennai.

Together with Michael Kokinos she is the author of Autism: Meet Me Who I Am published by Steiner Books and due for release in the USA Feb 2018.

In Feb 2018 Lakshmi is the Keynote speaker for the WECAN conferences in Spring Valley NY and Seattle.

In March 2017 she was a keynote speaker at a New York University symposium on autism.  A video series of this content is currently in production and a USA lecture tour is planned for February 2018. Please join the email list above to receive updates.

Dr Lakshmi - public speaking in New York